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   Irrigation System Services

Coddington Enterprise offers many services from the beginning planning of your Chattanooga irrigation project to maintenance and repair.

A properly designed system will not only provide efficient and cost-effective coverage, it will also promote healthier turf and shrubs. Improperly designed and installed irrigation systems can only lead to trouble, mainly a waste of water and possible turf and shrub disease.
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Our "Trench less" installation process, with our state-of-the-art machinery minimizes the disturbance to any existing lawn, allowing your lawn to quickly recover from the installation process.
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All Chattanooga irrigation systems, old or new, are like any other mechanical devices or machines. Regular maintenance and inspection will greatly increase the system efficiency, performance, and component longevity.
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Coddington Enterprise will make general repairs or tackle the most challenging of irrigation system breakdowns.
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Backflow Testing and Prevention
A properly installed, tested, and maintained backflow preventer at the water service connection to a building or property can reliably prevent the backflow of water of an unknown quality from flowing back into the community water system.
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